Day 2 Update!

Hello everyone!

James here bringing you a new update!

Added - A building menu, Now to the left there is a building side bar where you can selected the buildings in a more precise manner.
Added - Two info options in the build menu, the Power Usage option puts a display on all buildings that shows if they are receiving enough power or not. Red means the building is not getting enough power, Yellow means the building has enough power, Green means the building has surplus Power. The Info view removes all the pretty building images and leaves the buildings basic icon.
Changed - The global info section (Money, What your building, how much it costs) has been moved to the building side bar.
Added - Cars! They drive around, they look silly and non-nonsensical but they do use roads that are actually in use. Cars shouldn't use inefficient roads.
Added - Money per Tick tracking, the game now calculates how much money you would make in a tick(that 10 second counter) this means that the game will calculate how much money your city would have made since your last session and give it to you when you start the game.
Added - Destruction function, you can now remove tiles for the low low price of 50 money dollars!
most of these changes will only take effect after a tick and the money calculations wont be tracked until the update.

Well that's all folks. Also the official currency of the game is now known as the Money Dollar (Money $)


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Dec 06, 2017

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