A downloadable game for Windows

Hexpless is a turn based strategy game about maintaining supply lines. Put your tactical skills to the test as you battle against AI, Human or both.

~~How To Play~~
In Hexpless the goal of the game is to have all enemy players have 0 kings.
To do this a player must claim tiles to make their way to the enemy kings.

To claim a tile a player on their turn must, left click on the tile they want to claim with and then right click on a claimable tile (claimable tiles are marked with a flag), if you need help with what a tile does press the ? button on screen while hovering over it.

When a tile it is claimed it is then linked to the tile that claimed it, if a tile that has claimed other tiles is claimed or becomes neutral, then any tiles linked to it become neutral.

If a player wants to assign an AI to control an enemy player they can do so via the ADD AI menu

**While placing kings**
Left Click: to place kings
**While playing game**
Left click: to select unit
Right click: to claim with selected unit
Escape: open/close menu


Hexpless Public Alpha 3 2 17 2 2017.exe 2 MB
A guide to Hexpless.pdf 181 kB


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